A quick update on systems thinking items:

1. The AYE Conference schedule contains several sessions involving systems thinking. Two sessions, Experience the Diagram of Effects and General Systems Thinking obviously involve systems thinking. Several other sessions will include systems thinking principles, without necessarily naming them as such.

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2. I recently received an email related to Force Ranking. It said … “I am currently working at [a company] for few yrs, and yes, I am suffering in the “forced ranking” system. After 1.5 yr from your article which talked about forced ranking, today is 2007- 5 – 27, our team is breaking down into a mess, ppl started to protect themselves, fighting each other rather than helping each other; poor management team : political competitions happen anytime anyday, and kissing boss’s ass will get a better position; The [company] stock price drops, always hear the rumour of [larger company in Redmond] will buy [our company]. Our so-called “innovations process” never reached the outstanding result as [a competing company], it is just a way for ppl to getting a better KPI (annual review), to avoid falling into the bottom 10%. Let’s see how/what [this company] will turn to be…u bet?

I have a pretty good idea how this is going to turn out. Maybe not soon, but if the system forces don’t change, it’s only a matter of time.

3. In Multi-use Models I mention how the feedback control loop model can be used for personal problem solving. I used the example of losing weight. It works! I’ve lost 30 pounds since I wrote the blog entry. Another 4.5 kilos and I’ll be at my goal.