Avoiding Speed Bumps on the Road to Agile Adoption – uploaded 2010.11.17


Change at the Speed of Life – Client presentation,


Reading the River – GTA, Toronto, October 2016
All problems are not Created Equal – Agile Knoxville, June 2017
Developing Software Development  (Beta)- Path to Agility, May 2018
Understanding Software Development – Closing Keynote, Scrum Gathering Durban, 2018


Shaping Your Agile Adoption Path – Agile 2012, Dallas TX
Shaping Your Agile Adoption Path, the download – Agile 2012


Kantor 4 Player Model

Agile Team Dynamics – Agile RTP 2010.03.05
Agile Decision Making – agile-richmond 2010.06.15

Satir Models

Congruent Communication – Agile Africa August 2017
Improving Interactions – Agile 2018 August 2018 (based on Congruent Communication)


Understanding Leadership in Self Organizing Teams – Agile 2013

Systems Thinking

The System Behind the Software – agile-RTP uploaded 2010.12.08
Did Rube Goldberg Design Your Process agile-atlanta 2011.05
Dealing with Rube Goldberg Systems agile-carolinas 2011.08.24

Shape Your Agile Adoption agile-charleston 2012.05.24
Shape Your Agile Adoption Agile 2012 with Jason Little

Coaching Beyond the Team – Agile 2014 with Esther Derby


Dysfunctional Team Patterns – ADP East 2010 – uploaded 2010.11.14
Building Great Teams – Agile 2011 uploaded 2011.08.07
Building Great Teams – the Presentation



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