Many executives and managers wonder what’s wrong with their software development system. After all, isn’t programming basically typing computer instructions into a glorified terminal? Then they see this:

Suddenly, software development appears more complex, and they start looking for ways to improve the overall support and development systems.

My experience across a variety of industries, from small startups to Fortune 50 organizations, provides a solid platform for assisting clients through their transition to Agile development practices.

I incorporate my study of communication, personality types, team styles, systems thinking, and human systems dynamics into my work and writing. You can find a number of my articles published at Better Software magazine and StickyMinds.com.

Training and Workshops

As part of my mentoring and coaching, I’ve developed and presented several different workshops. These workshops cover topics such as Agile Foundations, Retrospectives, Systems Thinking, Personality Types and Temperaments, and Problem Solving to name a few.

You can read find short descriptions and links on the Workshop page.

I also collaborate with colleagues offering online courses.

What Others Say

Learn more about me through the words of my clients.

Do you think you have to choose between enjoying your work and getting the job done? Guess again! Or don’t just guess, invite Don Gray to show you how to do it

Jerry (Gerald M.) Weinberg, Writer Consultant