Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream things that never were and ask, why not? – Thoreau

I’m thinking of ways to share thoughts and actions. In a recent conversation Jerry Weinberg challenged my thinking. Rather than create linear structure (content and time-based)  then constructing the web-site accordingly, what happens if I create a web-site that reflects how I use the web?

Am I interested in reading a chronological series of posts or articles? Who has time for that? I find a link on the web, pop in, troll through the link. What else here might apply?

I’m busy tagging the posts and articles. You’re here looking for information and ideas. Clicking on a tag will show you other posts and articles that relate to why you’re here.

Jerry’s suggestion reinforced a recent revelation. I use moinmoin as a personal wiki. I’ve lost track of major thoughts (pages or nodes if you will) due to writing at different times on related ideas.

We experience events in time sequence, just like I created the wiki pages in time.  Like systems value comes not from the time order, but the connections between the nodes.

Here’s the current map.

Don's External Brain