Force Ranking Force Dynamics

Esther Derby recently ranted about Force Ranking. I'm not an expert on force ranking, or maybe as an independent consultant I am. I'm force ranked every time I work with a client.

Learning to Change

In Changing Quicker we looked at reducing or removing system delays to reduce the time delay between realizing a change needs to be made, and when the change's effects occur. Another way to change quicker involves learning to change. Learning is a process that depends on experience and leads to long term changes in behavior potential.

Liar's Contest

Sharkey, the sales VP of UberDenke Software Products, firmly believes he needs to have the next release of the UDCRM product in three months. Engelbert, the software engineering VP, estimates a minimum of twice that long - six months - to implement all the new features. During the discussion, Sharkey drops some thinly veiled threats: