Agile Principles Shine Light on Development Projects

I settled into the visitor’s chair across the desk from Nate. Looking at Nate I said “So tell me about your project.” RULE II: START WHERE THE SYSTEM IS1 Nate smiled and wistfully said: “Well, I’m the project manager and ScrumMaster. John will be the Product Owner. He works in our North East office. He […]

Developing Developer Skills

Things change quickly in the world of software development. I started my career writing in Fortran 77. I stayed fairly abreast of languages until C++ and Java. I wandered by the Pragmatic Bookshelf to see what’s new. Languages/Frameworks I’ve barely heard of include: Erlang, ANTLR, Stripes, Cocoa, Scala, Groovy and Clojure. I see that Learn […]

Effective Agile Retrospective Workshop

In Better Process, Better People I talked about retrospectives as a process for learning and improvement. My colleague Esther Derby and I will be conducting two one day workshops on Effective Agile Retrospectives. If you want to make the retrospectives you lead more effective, we would enjoy having you participate in the workshop. We’ll be […]