Does your standard iteration retrospective constantly repeat the mantra:

  • “What did we do well?”
  • “What could we do better?”
  • “What one thing would we like to work on during the next sprint?”

Is your team starting to push back on taking the time for their retrospective?

If so …

Increase your team’s effectiveness by facilitating better retrospectives. We will demonstrate and teach:

  • How to establish a retrospective’s goal.
  • What constitutes an effective retrospective.
  • Which activities generate information and which help make decisions.
  • Common traps, pitfalls and mistakes.

By improving your retrospective facilitation you can help your team continuously improve their methods, teamwork, and organizational relationships.

Audience: Agile coaches, ScrumMasters, team leads and team members who wish to improve their retrospective facilitation skills.

Workshop Duration: One day

Workshop Outline:

  1. Greetings & Introductions.
  2. Class project and retrospective.
  3. Analysis of the retrospective.
  4. Practice designing a retrospective.
  5. Group design review.
  6. Wrap-up.

This class is limited to 20 participants.

Workshop Facilitators: Esther Derby and Don Gray