Faithful reader Jim Bullock ( had the following comments about Getting To Language.

Your diagram is interesting, at least two ways.

First, when you’re not doing email (or phone) there are more “channels” than simply “language”. Indeed, in your example you two were operating with a particularly thin communication mechanism. One of the countermeasures, I think, is having a pile of communication channels going on at once, then you can compare between.

I suspect that the “Satir interaction model” is actually hanging out attached to at least “Experience of Experience” and “Sensory Experience.” We have attachments at these levels of experience as well, and make meaning that we can sometimes verbalize, but is pre-verbal in the meaning. “Bad thing” as an emotional, visceral response does, indeed exist in a way that the words “bad thing” don’t necessarily capture, and the words are after the fact, in addition to the words and word processes generating experience.

I suspect that having the additional processes going on has a an effect similar to the family of flight control systems in a space shuttle – richer, and thus more robust, and more interesting in what it generates.

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