I found more information on view points. These are referred to in NLP as Perceptual Positions.


The normal and healthy position of seeing, hearing, and feeling from out of self. This position is needed in order to speak with authenticity, to present yourself, your thoughts, feelings and responses congruently, to disclose, listen, inquire and be present with another.

When Stuck here: Selfish, sociopath perspective.


To understand, feel with, experience empathy for and see things from another’s view point. Here you’ll feel in accord with the other and have a strong sense of his or her perceptive.

When stuck here: co-dependent.


To step back, gain a sense of distance, observe, witness, feel neutral, and appreciated both positions fully.

When stuck here: cold, over-rational, “computer” mode.


To understand the contexts (cultural, linguistic, business, family, etc.) that influence all of the larger systems and contexts of our world.

When stuck here: “Company Man”


This speaks to viewing from the individual’s position of highest power. For the religious minded, it is to be present with God viewing the situation from His position.

When stuck here: “So heavenly minded you are no earthly good.”

Truth in Blogging

These definitions are from the Meta-NLP training manual, page 80. I appreciate Bobby Bodenhamer and Mike Davis for sharing this information with me.