Agile Change – The Values

What does Agile involve? And what do I mean “Agile”? Does “Agile” mean “Agile, the Manifesto” and the “agile, the principles“? How about “agile, the software development methods“? Actually, “Agile” in this case means “all of the above”. When I look ate these, I find change.  Changing what we value. Changing how we develop and deliver […]

Organizational Changes Make Messes

Last week Mike Cottmeyer posted that People Are Messy. He gave an excellent example how two people approach and respond differently to change. I might choose different words to describe people. I definitely agree that change gets messy. Change starts getting messy when our change model doesn’t map to the reality we deal with. Three […]

Organizations Change – People Transition

Googling “organizational change” returns almost 6 million hits. The LinkedIn Organizational Change Practitioners contains 26,125 members. With this much information and so many people practicing organizational change, you’d think we’d be good at it. But that’s not what I usually experience in my work. Why does this gap exist? A Handful of Change Models1 My […]

Failure Paths During Change

In Understanding Change I described the Satir Change Model. Near the bottom I acknowledged that I described a “happy path” change. Many designed changes never change anything. Other change initiatives look promising for a while, but as time passes people revert to working “the way we’ve always worked around here.” In the “move to team room” […]

One Issue – Two Sides: Safety and Trust

When we flip the safety discussion over, we find trust. When I trust you I provide the safety you need to take risks and speak your truth without fear of ridicule, rejections or retribution. What Does Trust Mean? I like to use the following four beliefs I learned from Esther Derby to define trust in […]