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Effective Agile Retrospectives

Does your standard iteration retrospective constantly repeat the mantra: “What did we do well?” “What could we do better?” “What one thing would we like to work on during the next sprint” Is your team starting to push back on taking the time for their retrospective? If so … Increase your team’s effectiveness by facilitating […]

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What Does an Agile Coach Do?

Every so often I meet someone who asks, “Don, what do you do?” Over the years I’ve found the best way to answer this question involves asking what that person does, and then share part of my coaching experience that relates to what they do. You see, an agile coach does many things. What I […]

Agile Principles Shine Light on Development Projects

I settled into the visitor’s chair across the desk from Nate. Looking at Nate I said “So tell me about your project.” RULE II: START WHERE THE SYSTEM IS1 Nate smiled and wistfully said: “Well, I’m the project manager and ScrumMaster. John will be the Product Owner. He works in our North East office. He […]

Developing Developer Skills

Things change quickly in the world of software development. I started my career writing in Fortran 77. I stayed fairly abreast of languages until C++ and Java. I wandered by the Pragmatic Bookshelf to see what’s new. Languages/Frameworks I’ve barely heard of include: Erlang, ANTLR, Stripes, Cocoa, Scala, Groovy and Clojure. I see that Learn […]

Effective Agile Retrospective Workshop

In Better Process, Better People I talked about retrospectives as a process for learning and improvement. My colleague Esther Derby and I will be conducting two one day workshops on Effective Agile Retrospectives. If you want to make the retrospectives you lead more effective, we would enjoy having you participate in the workshop. We’ll be […]

Is it done yet?

One of the great questions in software development revolves around “Is it done yet?” And since the answer is usually “No” the follow on question gets asked, “Well, when will it be done?” I recently chatted with a ScrumMaster looking for estimating training for his teams. The teams work on a 4 week sprint cycle. […]

Boomerang Measurements

You can tell a lot from how a story starts. If you hear “Once upon a time …” you’ll probably hear a fairy tale like “The Three Little Pigs” or “The Little Red Hen”. Around camp fires, kayakers like to tell stories that begin with “No kidding, there I was …” and a tale of […]

Frederick P. Brooks, Jr – Agilista?

Hear me out. It may not be as far fetched as it may first seem. I’m not going to say how long I’ve been around, but I have two copies of The Mythical Man-Month. I have the Anniversary Edition and the 1982 edition of the original 1975 book. I’m not sure why someone on Amazon […]